March 8, 2017


Kalamazoo Classical Guitar ensembles

 Elementary Guitar Ensemble

Have fun making expressive music from the very first day!  This 10-week guitar class is designed for students of all ages who want to learn in a small group setting.  Participants will learn the basics of classical guitar technique, how to read music, and perform solos and in ensembles. No previous experience or audition required. For more information or to register, visit the Elementary Guitar Ensemble page.

Guitar Parlor at Kalamazoo College

The Guitar Parlor Guitar Ensemble is a community guitar ensemble sponsored by Kalamazoo Classical Guitar. The ensemble is made up of local classical guitarists. For more information on joining and/or auditioning visit the Guitar Parlor page.


Guitar One
Jackie Zito
Madison Cosgrove
Andrew Staufer
Guitar Two
Scott Grover
Rui Xiao
Mengqiao Guo
Guitar Three
Jon Brignall
Carol Chandler




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