KCGuitar School Programs

KCGuitar wants to start a classical guitar program at your school for FREEKCGuitar is establishing itself to provide high-quality classical guitar programs to the community. These programs will run the gamut from guitar classes in local schools to moral building guitar classes sponsored by local workplaces. In other areas of the country, these classes have proven to draw and retain a wide and diverse range of guitar students to the fine arts.

Is it expensive?
A school can obtain 30 guitars for the cost of a single tuba. There is no need to hire additional teachers. Many of the guitar classes in other areas are taught by teachers who have no previous guitar training. Professional guitarists help current teachers to get started and provide continuing support.

Why should we add another music program in addition to our choir, band, and orchestra? We believe:

  • Classical guitar educational products reach a diverse group that may not otherwise be involved with traditional music programs.
  • Student, family, and community involvement will be heightened.
  • KCGuitar’s education initiative modeled after the classical guitar program in Austin provides high-quality training.
  • KCGuitar educators have been certified to use the Austin Classical Guitar curriculum and will get great results.


Austin Classical Guitar – Music Transforming Lives from Jenna Amber on Vimeo.

How does it work?

  1. KCGuitar will present the curriculum to the school’s administration.
  2. KCGuitar will work with the teacher to implement the program.
  3. KCGuitar will help with fundraising to provide quality instruments for the program.

Please contact us for more information or to request a short meeting to discuss the curriculum.