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501c3 organization serving the community.

About KCGuitar

Education, Performance, and concerts that transcend economic and social challenges.
Education. Performance. Concerts.

Kalamazoo Classical Guitar is a growing non-profit organization devoted to classical guitar education, outreach, and concerts in the Kalamazoo community. Kalamazoo Classical Guitar was founded by Matt Cosgrove, Dan Mervak, Jonathan Brignall, Ken Tsuchiya, and Haroon Chaudhry. Inspired by Austin Classical Guitar, KCGuitar seeks to promote the presence of classical and acoustic guitar in Kalamazoo. We hold bi-monthly performance meetings where everyone is encouraged to perform. In addition, we host concerts for local and regional talents.

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Board Members

Elected in August of 2016

Jonathan W. Brignall

Board President
Jon Brignall has been involved in the formation and operation of numerous non-profit organizations. Jon has studied classical guitar at Crescendo for over 5 years, first with Miles Kusik, and now with Matt Cosgrove. He is a member of the Kalamazoo Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra.

Haroon Chaudhry

Graduate of Kalamazoo College and a member of the Guitar Parlor Ensemble.

Scott Grover

Scott is a scientist at Zoetis and a fine classical guitarists.

Matt Cosgrove

Executive & Artistic Director
Matt received a Bachelors of Arts in guitar performance from PCC. He also received a Master of Music in Guitar performance from the Florida State University. Matt has taught at the college level since January 2000. Matt is the artistic director of KCGuitar and conducts the Guitar Parlor ensemble.

Carol Chandler

Board Member
Carol is a recordkeeping analyst with more than 20 years of experience working with employer sponsored retirement plans. She has also been involved with numerous non- profit organizations in the Kalamazoo Community.

John Hosley

Board Member

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